Stewardship: Sponsor a Fishing Line Recycling Bin

Road salt outside of the PCS offices.The Walleye Run will be here before you know it! PCS is seeking new and returning sponsors for fishing line recycling bins. Whether or not you’re an angler yourself, your financial support for this program will prevent marine debris from entering the Maumee River, improving our watershed for all.

 Early every spring, thousands of anglers flock to Northwest Ohio for the fun and camaraderie of walleye fishing. We’re excited to prepare ahead of fishing season and make sure our fishing line recycling bins are in top shape. To that end, we need your help.

Why does recycling fishing line matter? Discarded fishing line has become a serious issue in waterways around Northwest Ohio. Thin, hard-to-see plastic line poses a risk for animal entanglement. It gets caught on roots and riverbanks, and colorful lures are sometimes mistaken as food by birds and reptiles. Tangled fishing line and materials also damages aesthetics, recreation opportunities, and community pride in our waterways. To combat this, PCS coordinates the installation of fishing line recycling bins to safely collect, track and recycle discarded fishing line. The bins encourage anglers to dispose of their fishing line easily and properly. Volunteers will collect and track the amount of line recycled in each bin regularly through our “Adopt-a-Bin” program.

To support this program, every year PCS requests sponsorships at different levels, either for individuals or organizations.  Each sponsorship lasts a year, although the bins might be taken down during the “off season.” For a sponsorship, your name (and logo, if applicable) will be placed on educational signage next to the bin. You’ll also be listed on our website! Your donation allows us build and maintain these bins across Northwest Ohio. You can sponsor a bin by filling out the form on our website and emailing to [email protected]. You can make a gift via PayPal (preferred) or check mailed to our P.O. Box.