Your Choices Can Protect Clean Water

Clear Choices Clean Water logo over a background of the Anthony Wayne Bridge in Toledo, Ohio.A pledge is a significant promise to upkeep. Pledging to reduce lawn fertilizer or pick up your pet’s poo can be actionable and measurable ways to ensure our waterways are protected. Learn more about Clear Choices, Clean Water’s six simple water stewardship actions you can commit to today. You may be doing some already! 

Picking up Pet Poo – The connection between our water supply and our pets’ waste might not be obvious, but that doesn’t mean it’s trivial. With an estimated 53 million dogs in the United States, poo that doesn’t get picked up can create serious pollution issues.

Reducing Lawn Fertilizer  – Fertilizer is food, but is your lawn hungry? Use too much, and it can escape your lawn and go on to feed runaway algae growth in our waterways.

Utilizing Native Plants – About 70% of pollution in our waterways comes from stormwater runoff. Native plants can slow that runoff to a crawl or stop it altogether. And a good planting also supports our all-important pollinators at the same time.

Waterfowl Management – Feeding geese and ducks can be fun, but what comes out the other end creates dangerous pollution problems in our waterways.

Volunteering – One voice, one gesture, one action can create ripples of change in a community. Ensuring clean water can only be done together.

(New!) Litter and Plastics – Litter is easily swept into waterways through storm drains, leading to biological, chemical, and habitat degradation for wildlife and impacts to human health.

Committing to a C3W Pledge helps our local municipalities estimate how many people are working to make our waterways safe. If some of these pledges are actions you already take, it’s great to let people know you care by affirming it with a pledge. You can share these pledges with friends or family members, and connect with Toledo Lake Erie C3W on social media to make water stewardship a part of your feed:

Twitter: @LakeEriec3w
Facebook: Clear Choices Clean Water Toledo