Volunteer Scientists Needed!

Community Water Action in Toledo logoWant to become a scientist this summer? With our NEW program partnership with Community Water Action Toledo (CWAT) you can! Starting in April, we need your help with the data collection of water quality parameters of 24 sites across four Northwest Ohio waterways. Sign up now!!

The sampling season runs from April 2024 – October 2024, and volunteers are asked to make a twice-a-month commitment throughout the full season to collect vital data. Volunteers will choose their desired route out of 7 options, receive training on our equipment and sampling protocol, and then use a digital probe to collect vital data about the health of local streams at each of the site locations listed under the chosen route.

Just as you go to the doctor for a checkup on heart rate, blood pressure and blood tests, the same monitoring needs to be done for our water. The water quality parameters that will be tested include pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Conductivity, and the data from these factors will tell us a lot about the health of our waters and if there needs to be any investigations into underlying or unusual issues. Consistent and frequent monitoring will ensure that we understand the “normal” conditions of each water way and are able to catch any red flags in the quality and prevent future deteriorations. Check out the 24 sites!