Stewardship Get the Lead Out2024 celebrates the twentieth year of our Get the Lead Out program! Since the founding of GLO, 867 volunteers have participated. With a total of 30 river miles cleaned, including some repeat locations. Our first GLO program of 2024 is happening  Saturday June 29th, register here!

Get the Lead Out (GLO) is designed to remove discarded fishing line, lead lures, and marine debris that gets left behind after the spring fishing runs in the Maumee River. Fishing line is made of plastic which doesn’t degrade for over 600 years. It can entangle fish and wildlife, detract from the beauty of the river, and hurt people. PCS staff will provide all clean-up supplies and safety instructions during our Public Get the Lead Out programs. 

Get the Lead Out is perfect for individuals, organizations, or groups empowered to have clean, clear and safe water.  All ages are welcome for this program; however, we do require that individuals under the age of 13 are accompanied by an adult due to the materials we are collecting. (i.e. hooks, entangled line, etc.) Partners for Clean Streams are proud partners with Berkley Conservation Institute. After our volunteers and staff collect the fishing line, we clean and untangle the line and send it over to Berkley Fishing to be recycled.

Come get involved in our first Get the Lead Out of the Season!

What: Get the Lead Out: Buttonwood Park
When: Saturday June 29, 2024 12pm-2pm
How:  Register Here!

Want to participate in another one of our clean-up programs?

What: Clean Your Streams 365: Oregon Boat Ramp Access & Bayshore Fishing Access
When: Sunday June 2, 2024
How: Register Here!

What: Clean Your Streams 365: Crane Creek Beach Clean-Up (Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Partnership)
When: Saturday June 8, 2024
How: Call (419) 898-0014 for more information and to register.

Are you interested in Water Quality Monitoring, Fishing Line Recycling, or Storm Drain Awareness? Check out the program section of our website to learn more about how you can get involved in some of our other programs!