Did you know that the Great Lakes are the biggest freshwater source in the world? Lake Erie is the most productive for fishing of all the Great Lakes. Your support helps make our streams clean, clear and healthy so they can support this complex ecosystem. By donating to PCS, you help us reach our goals of restoring rivers that lead to Lake Erie beaches that promote fishable and swimmable conditions for generations.

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Long term projects that make lasting impacts on the environment are a focus of Partners for Clean Streams and the MAAC. Many of these projects use breaking technology, creative ideas and forward vision for habitat restoration and public awareness. The projects vary from revitalizing decades old campaigns to making a low head dam more ecologically productive. Many of the projects are funded by grants from the government or private foundations. It is the goal of PCS to use projects like these to restore the Maumee AOC to "fishable and swimmable" conditions. 

The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) awarded PCS with a $1.36 million grant from to restore stream habitat, reduce erosion, enhance wetlands, and improve upland habitat along the upper Ottawa River, directly improving Lake Erie’s Western Basin. Along with the Boy Scouts of America, PCS partnered with the US Army Corps of Engineers on a Habitat Restoration Master Plan to enhance this section of Ottawa River. This restoration project resulted in long‐term benefits for the Maumee River and Lake Erie habitats. Furthermore, the project also brought the Maumee Area of Concern closer to delisting the Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat BUI (BUI #14), the Degradation of Benthos (BUI #6), and Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations (BUI #3).

Three unique projects were implemented by the Maumee RAP before Partners for Clean Streams existed. Between working with agriculture leaders and landowners, creating the sequel to a movie first produced in the 1960's, and funding one of the most successful environmental awareness campaigns ever in northwest Ohio. Each of these projects attributed to providing PCS with a strong foundation from which to grow from and continue to support.  

Partners for Clean Streams Inc. is striving for abundant open space and a high quality natural environment; adequate floodwater storage capacities and flourishing wildlife; stakeholders who take local ownership in their resources; and rivers, streams and lakes that are clean, clear and safe