ghbresizedcroppedDid you know that you could join PCS and help support our programs all year long? Whether a student, professional, or business partner, your membership allows us to match more grants, bringing more resources to the community to improve our local waterways. Your membership also provides direct support to our programs, especially for items that grants won’t cover. It demonstrates your commitment to clear, clean, and safe water for all of us (and our families) who live, work and play in Northwest Ohio. Your support allows us to implement new programs and to adjust for current programs that are exploding in community impact (see the recap for 2012 details). So as you plan your end-of-the-year gifts or you’re giving for the upcoming new year, please take a moment to join PCS. It’s easy to do on our website and we have a donation level that should fit every budget – from $15 to $500 and above. And perhaps just as importantly, we pledge to be good stewards of your gift. In doing so, we’ve chosen not to send expensive “giveaways” or gimmicks for membership incentives, but instead to regularly communicate with you through pictures, e-newsletters, and other ways to show you the impact your gift has on the community. After all, clear, clean, and safe water benefits each of us directly, now and in the future.