Clean Your Streams is coming soon!

OEPA CYS team results of trash from cleanup It is that time of year to round up your team to promote clean, clear, and safe waters in our local communities. Clean Your Streams (CYS) will be celebrating its 18th year of successfully removing debris from streams, river banks, and watersheds in Toledo and surrounding areas and you are invited. This year, on the morning of September 20th, join the hundreds of engaged volunteers by removing tons of trash from our local river banks. As the number of CYS volunteers grows, so does the positive influence we have on our local streams, river banks, and watersheds. Last year, 941 volunteers removed nearly 17,000 pounds of trash in the 17th Annual Clean Your Streams. The more friends, family members, and colleagues you encourage to join CYS, the bigger impact we will have on our local rivers.

Currently, we are looking for sponsors, door prizes, and monetary donations to make this event possible. It takes thousands of dollars and countless hours of work to organize CYS, and we are so thankful for those who have supported us in the past. If you want to help make this year’s CYS event a success, you can donate on our website or by contacting us directly. Until September 20th, get ready by putting September 20th on your calendar, start the volunteer solicitation in your office, start collecting Change for Change, and start practicing your trash collecting skills! Stay tuned for more details about Clean Your Streams on our website, including the opening of registration in early August.