PCS has partnered with Kroger and AmazonSmile to earn rewards when customers choose PCS to receive a portion of the profits upon purchasing items. Set up your Kroger Community Rewards membership with your Kroger Card and use AmazonSmile instead of the normal Amazon site with PCS as your chosen organization. AmazonSmile is the same store as Amazon, just going through the AmazonSmile “door” to get there. The money we receive from Kroger and AmazonSmile is put to use in conserving our local rivers. It costs you nothing and signing up takes less time than pumping gas!

Every year in April and May, Kroger requires members to renew their Community Rewards membership. Please renew and support us so we can continue putting those dollars into our rivers and streams. To renew your membership, just sign into your Kroger account and select Partners for Clean Streams to receive a portion of Kroger’s profits. If you are not already earning rewards for us with the Kroger Community Rewards program, then it only takes a few steps to link your Rewards Card to PCS. For further instructions and to learn how you can earn rewards for local rivers, check out instructions here.

If Amazon is your “go-to” for purchasing anything thing online, next time try Amazon/Smile. When you designate Partner for Clean Streams as the organization of your choice, a percentage of every purchase you make will go to protecting your local rivers. Head over to www.smile.amazon.com, sign in, and select Partners for Clean Streams. AmazonSmile still has all the great deals and stores to shop from online. Replace your current Amazon bookmark with AmazonSmile, and you’ll be on your way to improving your local rivers! Both of these programs cost you nothing. They are quick, easy, and a seamless way to make a real difference. In advance, thank you for making our rivers a priority.