Sponsor a Bin, Adopt a Bin

April4Spring has sprung and anglers are in the rivers looking for a big catch. Spring also means it is time to install our fishing line recycling bins throughout the area! Later this year, we will build more bins to install along the Maumee River, throughout several city parks and Metroparks, and at other popular fishing spots. If you have seen these bins and would like to support this program, we are now accepting sponsorships for this year’s season! Thank you to last year’s sponsors, Hull & Associates, Shankland’s Catering, and Toledo Edison. Sponsoring one bin is $50, two bins is $125, and 5 bins is $200. A sponsorship gets your business’s logo on the bin signage and directly supports our efforts to keep rivers clean and line-free for future generations of anglers. If you would rather support us through volunteering, you and your co-workers, family, or friends can adopt a fishing line recycling bin for the season!  When you adopt a bin, you are responsible for removing the contents and separating the fishing line from the trash and other debris; recording the amount collected; bringing the line to the PCS office to be sent to the recycling facility. This maintenance should be done once per month, if not more, depending on the location of the bin. For more information on sponsoring or adopting a bin, go to our website or contact our office.