Call of the Scenic River posterHelp us celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Ohio’s Scenic Rivers Program this month. PCS, in partnership with ODNR, Black Swamp Conservancy, and the 577 Foundation will be hosting a movie night at the Maumee Indoor Theatre at 7pm on May 30th. Doors open at 6pm, with informational tables from our conservation partners. We will be screening the movie “Call of the Scenic River: An Ohio Journey” and following the presentation with a Q&A panel session. Donations will be accepted and there will be a chance to win prizes following the movie. This is a can’t-miss movie for all who live and play near the Mighty Maumee. For more information about this screening, visit the Black Swamp Conservancy’s webpage:

The state of Ohio led the river preservation movement in 1968 by passing the nation’s first Scenic Rivers Act. This forward-thinking legislation has helped Ohio to protect the important waterbodies that we enjoy today. In fact, the Maumee River has been designated as a Scenic River since 1974 for its natural characteristics and aesthetic value. Portions of the Maumee River have been designated both Scenic and Recreational. The Scenic portion of the Maumee is 43 miles, beginning at the Indiana-Ohio state line and ending at the US 24 bridge, west of Defiance. The Maumee River also has significant historical and cultural importance and has been a central mode of transportation, especially during the regions settlement. This movie screening is an excellent way to learn more about our Maumee River and celebrate this pivotal anniversary!