Storm Drain Fall brings out extraordinary colors in our trees. Hues of reds, yellows, and orangey foliage grace the sky, our yards, and storm drains! Storm drains are an important part of redirecting excess water so our neighborhoods do not flood. This is why it is important that our neighbors know that leaves in storm drains impact our water quality and water flow. During this season it is important to let your neighbors know the impacts of leaves and other yard debris have on our water quality! 

The storm drains in our neighborhood lead straight into our waterways without any treatment. This means anything but pure rainwater is a potential contaminant that negatively impacts water quality, as stormwater runoff often carries nutrients, sediment, trash, and E. coli with it—that includes leaves! Plus, leaves in the storm drain clog our drains and can cause unnecessary flooding and harm to our city’s pipes. Storm Drain Marking is an easy process to notify our neighbors that what goes into the storm drains comes out in our waterways untreated. To learn more, and pledge to keep your storm drain litter and leaf-free, check out the Toledo Lake Erie, Clear Choices, Clean Water website.

Once winter hits Storm Drain Marking will go into hibernation until spring 2022–when the weather permits us to be able to either stencil a painted message or glue a medallion to our storm drains. We will supply all of the equipment; all we need from you is a location so we can get it pre-approved and your waivers.  Fill out this form to let us know you are interested.