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If you’re reading this newsletter, chances are, you’re not the type to deliberately leave your trash on the ground. However, we’ve found that many of our supporters want to go beyond the minimum and find ways to incorporate pro-water actions into their everyday lives. Small changes can have big impacts on reducing marine debris we might inadvertently create. Even better, caring about our water doesn’t have to cost us. In fact, it can often save us money!

Here’s our tips series so far:

Tip #1 – Insulate your hot water pipes. This will reduce the amount of time you run your tap before getting hot water. You can catch the colder water that comes out first in a glass or jug to use for plants or pets.

Tip #2 – After snow removal, if you salt, leaving 3 inches of space between granules will help not only de-ice your sidewalk but will also help protect our waterways and your wallet! Using a spreader can help with this kind of consistent spreading.

Tip #3 – Only run full loads of laundry. Not only will you reduce water consumption, you’ll save electricity. Wait to wash fleeces until they’re dirty, and consider using a laundry ball to catch shed plastic microfibers from our fuzzy fabrics.

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