Volunteers from BGSU put tangled fishing line into a bucket to be recycled.We work year-round to protect our waterways that feed into Lake Erie. If you’re new to what we do or want a refresher, read on for a seasonal summary of programs YOU can join! We’re also giving a virtual talk on marine debris, March 21 at 7pm. Register here.


Clean Your Streams 365: These waterway clean-ups can be done anytime during the year, either on your own or in a small group. Pick a date, time, and waterway site, and we’ll loan you the supplies you’ll need. If you want to try a CYS 365 in the winter, we compiled some tips to help make your cold-weather clean-up a success.


Virtual Talk: Removing and Preventing NW Ohio Marine Debris: March 21, 7-8pm. We know that marine debris is a solvable problem, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. PCS will host a virtual talk focused on NW Ohio’s local waterway trash: how we remove it, and how we prevent it from reaching our water in the first place. If you’re new to our programs or it’s been awhile since you volunteered, this is a great opportunity to learn how to get involved. Register here to receive a virtual meeting link in your confirmation email.

Glass City Marathon: Our “Green Team” works to recycle thousands of pounds plastic, cardboard, aluminum, and glass, diverting waste away from landfills and rivers to make one of Toledo’s biggest events more sustainable. Sign-up here to volunteer on April 21-23.

Fishing Line Recycling Bins: Currently, we have over 30 fishing line recycling bins distributed at fishing hot spots across the greater Toledo area. PCS collects the fishing line, cleans it, and sends it into Berkley Conservation Institute to be recycled. This program reduces the amount of fishing line that ends up in our rivers, entangling wildlife and remaining in the ecosystem for over 600 years. You can sponsor, adopt, or host a bin!


Clean Your Streams 365 Paddles: We work with our partners at Metroparks Toledo and Wood County Parks to offer public kayak and canoe paddle cleanups out to Maumee River islands. Check our calendar beginning in May for dates and registration for summer paddle-clean-ups.

Get the Lead Out: These shoreline clean-ups target fishing line, lead, and lures that get left behind during the Walleye and White Bass runs during the spring. Volunteers scour the banks of the Maumee River to remove fishing debris and help ensure that our waterways are healthy for the fish that live in them and the people that enjoy recreating in and near them. PCS typically schedules GLOs during July and August.


27th Annual Clean Your Streams: Our largest annual program has continued to grow for over two decades. Last year, 652 volunteers spread out to 62 clean-up sites and removed 13,594 pounds of marine debris from local waterways. This is an excellent way for youth groups, schools, businesses, and families to have a positive impact on our community and environment while having fun. Registration will open in August for this late September program. Consider sponsoring Clean Your Streams Day to show your dedication to improving water quality in our area.


Storm Drain Marking: Our Storm Drain Marking program connects municipalities, citizens, and active volunteers to protect our drinking water. Volunteers mark storm drains to indicate “Drains are for Rain, Flows to Waterway” with stencils or adhesive medallions and pass out educational materials in local neighborhoods. This program runs April – October; contact us if you’re interested in setting up a storm drain marking session.