Partnership KTLCB and GCMMake a positive impact on the Ottawa River! Green Team volunteers will set up recycling and waste stations, guided by Green Team coordinators. There are available spots to sign up Friday – Sunday, check them out here!

Since 2020, KTLCB has co-coordinated the “Green Team” at the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, bringing supplies as well as recruiting volunteers to help manage recycling and composting at one of Toledo’s biggest events. They work behind the scenes to help race organizers make more sustainable choices. In addition to hosting trash clean-ups of their own, KTLCB focuses on recycling education and sustainable event services. They also recently began a Sustainable Restaurant Program. After interested restaurants have completed a short survey and consultation regarding their green practices, KTLCB gives them a “Sustainable Leaf” rating of 1 to 5 leaves, indicating each location’s success in implementing green practices.

Over the years, KTLCB and PCS have worked together to share supplies and co-coordinate clean-up volunteers. We’re proud to be their partner in sustainability! Alongside runners, volunteers work hard to divert marine debris from the Ottawa River. In past years, over the course of a single race weekend, the Green Team often recycles around 3,000 pounds of cardboard, glass, aluminum, plastic, heat sheets, energy packs, and more. Grab a group of friends or head out on your own to make a positive impact on one of our community’s biggest events of the year!