bridgecropsizedOn Monday, January 14th, a group of 18 people discussed how informational material about local and state fish consumption advisories could be improved. The discussion group was part of 7 Focus Groups that are being held around the Great Lakes states. Cornell University received a grant to study the effectiveness and fluency of understanding Fish Consumption Advisories in Areas of Concern around the Great Lakes. The discussion was geared to hearing the opinions of Urban Anglers and how educational materials about these Advisories can be improved.  A light meal and Visa gift card was given to all the participants.  This conversation was very valuable to PCS, as it informed us about concerns and thoughts from local fishermen (and women) in the area.  Our discussions with state and local agencies working on the Fish Consumption Advisories for our region can be more focused and well targeted. Thank you to everyone who joined us for this discussion.