riversarecoolYou’re invited to the Maumee Area of Concern (AOC) Summit on December 10th, 9:30am at Wildwood Metropark in the Ward Pavilion. The AOC recently removed one of the impairments – the first to be removed here – so we are on the road to recovery. We will discuss recent projects and updates around Area of Concern. We will hear from other partners who are actively doing work in the area and we want to hear from you. Many partners have been making strides towards improving many of other impairments impacting the wildlife, habitat, and water quality of the lower Maumee River and many direct tributaries to the lower Maumee and Lake Erie in the Maumee Area of Concern but more work remains. Come share your thoughts and ideas with us. If you want to get more involved, watch MaumeeRAP.org for applications to join the 2016 Maumee AOC Advisory Committee soon.