Summertime Water Sustainability

SustainableAs we get into the full swing of summer, there are some actions we can take to preserve our streams and rivers. We have collected a few tips from our community partners on how to keep our waters flowing strong and clean this summer:  

Reduce Marine Debris 

Plastics are the #1 offender in our running list of marine debris types. Derelict fishing nets, ropes, line, or other fishing gear, packing bands, rubber bands, balloons, six-pack beverage rings, and a variety of other plastic items can entangle, choke, and kill wildlife. Whether we like it or not, plastics are heavily incorporated in our everyday life. The good news is there are steps we can take to reduce the amount of plastic we do use. Check out NOAA’s Marine Debris How to Help webpage to get informed and reduce your impacts. 

Preserve our Drinking Water

Saving water is important for the drier summer months. While we are very fortunate to have the Maumee River and Lake Erie in our backyard, freshwater is a finite resource. Learn more about the importance of freshwater and actions we can take to preserve this resource here: Watering Tips | WaterSense | US EPA

Prevent Contamination

Fertilizing our lawns can be a great way to speed its growth, but we must keep in mind the amount of fertilizer being used and when it is applied. Water that flows off of our lawns does not get treated; it flows directly or indirectly to our rivers, streams, and lakes. Learn about the impacts of fertilizer on freshwater ecosystems and ways to prevent its flow into our waterways at  Clear Choices Clean Water.