A New Year, A New Hope

Though the months, weeks2021safety, and days all seemed to blur together, one thing we can tell you with clarity is it is finally 2021. 2020 brought change to our programming so we adjusted to make them as safe as possible so we could continue our mission for clean, clear, and safe waterways. At the start of the pandemic, we said we would continue to monitor our programs and adjust as need be – which will stay true for 2021. As vaccines become amply available to the general public, we again will adjust our programs. At the start of the year, we will remain primarily remote to minimize contact as need be; continuing with our independent Clean Your Streams 365 and Storm Drain Marking. We will also be continuing small groups of 10 or less to do programs, such as Clean Your Streams 365 and Get the Lead Out. Our presentations will remain virtual as well, and we are evaluating how to send out reusable bags and straws to volunteers so they can continue to reduce marine debris. 

As vaccines continue to be distributed, we will look towards state guidelines and evaluate opening our programs to their normal in-person capacity as safely as possible. We will still incorporate the independent virtual cleanups, year-round, through the Clean Swell App. This year we have extended our reach in cleaning marine debris from our waterways, having volunteers doing cleanups in many geographic locations by using the Clean Swell App. We hope to fold in this 2020 experience and the new things learned to our usual operations at PCS.  We are currently are looking forward to brainstorming how to create virtual learning and stewardship opportunities for youth as an alternative to our traditional Patch Day, and socially-safe, water quality canoe, and kayak paddles. You can always adopt a fishing line bin through our Reel In & Recycle program and collect lines on your own or with your family as you are out enjoying the riverside parks. Thank you to all that helped out whether it was a social media share, donation, recommendation, donation, or volunteering.  We hope you stay involved as we grow as an organization in 2021!