Partnership Free Fishing Days ONWROn June 15 and 16, 2024, all Ohio residents are invited to experience Ohio’s fantastic public fishing opportunities without purchasing a license. Partners for Clean Streams will be at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge that weekend to talk with folks enjoying the Free Fishing Days about the impacts of marine debris on fish and aquatic habitats.

If you have lived in Northwest Ohio long enough, you know that fishing is one of the most popular activities during all seasons, but especially spring and summer! With such close proximity to Lake Erie, our area offers world-renowned opportunities for anglers.

A fishing license is required in Ohio to engage in these recreational activities, but on June 15th and 16th, all Ohio residents are invited to experience the fantastic fishing possibilities without purchasing a license! During this weekend, all size and daily limits still apply. For more read the 2024-2025 Ohio Fishing Regulations Summary from ODNR’s Division of Wildlife.

PCS will be setting up at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge to educate and engage with the community, anglers, and everyone enjoying this occasion. Marine debris not only impacts humans, but also has to potential to harm aquatic ecosystems. Plastics used fishing line, and other trash that ends up in our waterways can break down into smaller, microscopic pieces that make it harder to filter out of our water if not removed as soon as possible. The goal of course is to never have those kinds of materials end up in the water to begin with, but the first step is to remove what has already made its way in our rivers, streams, and lakes. As debris deteriorates, harmful chemicals make their way in the water and disrupt food webs, reduce the size and quality of aquatic species, and negatively impact their ability to reproduce.

For these Free Fishing Days to continue, and for us to host anglers from all over the county, it is imperative that we all do our part to keep our waters clean, clear, and safe. Make an impact today by signing up here for one of our upcoming clean-ups!